LEAD Programme

Attended lead program held on 30 th Oct-21 . The programme conducted by Cochin Down Town club . Many eminent leaders have given very fruitful motivation speech. It was very motivating and had a lot of takeaways.

Cluster Meeting at Vyppin Club

Cluster meeting of October-21 held at Vyppin Club . All sister club’s president, secretary , AG , GGR, Senior Rotarians of Vyppin club , DD , DFRC and Rtn KV Jose were attended the meeting. Had discussed last month programmes and plan for Oct...

Salute the Soldiers at Gandhi Square

Salute the Soldiers team gathered at Gandhi square, near BTH South to give the tribute and homage to brave soldiers. President Shiyas had attended the same .

Prize Distribution at Tagore Library

Cochin RC Beachside has distributed prizes to Tagore Library’s winners of quiz competition which was held as part of last Independence Day ( 15 th August 2021). President Shiyas has distributed the same and Cochin MLA KJ Maim was also presented there . Secretary...

Participated IRun

Participated I Run Marathon conducted by RC Down Towen. It was a fun run and it helped to build more relation and as well as to increase interest on jogging .

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