Strategic Plan


About the RC Cochin Beachside

The Rotary Club of Cochin Beachside was chartered on 21st March 1990 and has run successfully 30 over the last years. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cochin west. It is one of the clubs in district 3201.

Going through several ups and downs, it now has a reputation for being young, vibrant and innovative and every year has several club members serving beyond the club.

It has implemented many community service projects, mostly located around Kochi. The club led by Presidents of eminent standing and capability over the years, the Club has supported the community in Cochin in all avenues of service. Although the Club did not have a written Strategic Plan in place, its well established traditions, practices and processes have ensured continuity of projects, services and leadership.

The Club leadership has now decided that in line with the recommendations of Rotary International, it is necessary to finalise a documented Strategic Plan which can serve as a guide to successive Presidents. Accordingly, this document has been prepared.

This Strategic Plan covers the 3-year period starting from Rotary Year 2020-23. It is intended that the Plan will be reviewed and enhanced over time. A formal review and update of the Strategic Plan will be done 6 months prior to the expiry of the previous Plan.


New S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) analysis by our club members – and this was undertaken at a club assembly. A long list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was the result. The results of the SWOT Analysis are included below. 


  • Young & energetic members
  • Growing club
  • Innovative
  • Committed membership
  • Good diversity in membership


  • Lack of strategic planning continuity
  • Lack of membership diversity.
  • Lack of Project training.
  • Few projects


  • Qualified for Future Vision of Rotary
  • Partnership
  • Community needs
  • Many opportunities for service at community level
  • Several members are serving beyond the club


  • Members are very busy and may not be able to commit much time to project activities
  • Many competing organizations for local fundraising
  • Community misconceptions about the work of Rotary and Rotarians.
  • Too few members doing too much of the work.


The strategic direction for the Rotary club of Cochin Beachside for the next 3 years are Encompassed.

  • Increase sustainable service focused on The Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus
  • Increase Club Membership and Strengthen Retention Efforts
  • Increase collaboration and connection with other organizations
  • Enhance Rotary Public Image and Awareness


  • Health support services are required by residents of the several low income colonies.
  • Schools need support in setting up infrastructure such as classrooms, benches, desks, computers, playground facilities, painting, fixing leakages, electrification, etc.
  • Schools require support for students in areas such as English language speaking, uniforms, study materials, etc.
  • Additional water and sanitation facilities need to be made available in schools as well as for the public.
  • Sufficient nutritious meals to be made available to children.
  • Literacy support programmes required for adults and children.
  • Beautify the environment and support programmes for planting more trees.
  • Cleanliness, health and hygiene in line with the “Swach Bharat’’ Mission of the Government of India.
  • Support the disadvantaged sections of society such as the senior citizens, orphans, specially-abled, etc.


  • Involvement of family members in club activities and fellowship through Family of Rotary, continuous emphasis through various activities drawn example joint home, hospitality, Rotary dinner etc where families are involved.
  • Increase in diversity of members in terms of vocations, race, gender, age, religion,

political and other persuasions

  • Expand leadership opportunities within the club to fully utilize the talents and skills

of members

  • Periodic assessment of club leadership performance in order to strengthen it
  • Mentor, Coach and encourage members to serve beyond the club.
  • Encourage strategic planning at club and district levels.
  • Focus on benefits of Rotary training to Rotarian’s personal development and business success
  • Ensure orientation is consistently and regularly provided for new members


  • Apply our members leadership and expertise to solve social issues
  • Every member posts the Four-Way Test at his/her business
  • Mentor adolescents and Veterans in Vocational opportunities
  • Outreach to corporate / businesses for sponsorship and membership


  • Increase awareness of Rotary with our youth in our community
  • Continue to find meaningful ways to support youth
  • Provide financial, educational and job related assistance through scholarships, vocational training, skilling, etc.
  • Support the youth and be role models for them through youth service initiatives (RYLA, Interact, Rotaract, etc.)


  • Achieve every Rotarian supporting the Foundation
  • Broaden foundation giving to include non-Rotarians
  • Share stories of foundation grants and their results / impact – increase club level understanding
  • Club collaboration to increase impact of Global grants / projects


We recognize that every Rotary Club in the world is unique, but it is important to stress that our club will undertake most of the activities expected by RI for a Rotary Club and it shall be undertaken through the enthusiasm of the members, providing them with joy and human satisfaction. We trust that this plan will bear fruit in the coming years by attracting more and diverse members, by spreading out the workloads, and by having our club become better known and respected in our region.

Prepared by Rtn Praharsh .R.J
Reviewed by Rtn VIncent Varghese

October 2020

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